Preserve - A collaboration with McKenzie West

It was an honor to collaborate with Master painter McKenzie
West for this Artist portrait.

The backstory on the concept was derived from the resistance
to wear masks. After hearing about a devout gentlemen whose impression that
wearing a mask is against God‘s will.  I was jarred. With knowledge of this viewpoint,
the concept was born.

The process started with a base image by which McKenzie
would complete the realistic oil painted mask. When dry, with the same lighting,
the final portrait was photographed with McKenzie wearing the mask.

photo by McKenzie West

Communication Arts Magazine, 61st Photography Annual Competion

I am pleased to announce Sanford Tyson Smith has been awarded as a
finalist for The 2020 Communication Arts Annual Photography Competition. The image
will be published in the July/August Issue under the category of
self-promotion. Tyson is currently motivated to create captivating and moving
editorial images.

The Award winning portrait of Artist David Ruckle. He composes abstract works in resin.  It  was a pleasure for Tyson to bring this image to light.  Although he photographed  David  in January, the feeling of uncertainty today is a parallel editorial read; especially when so many have become more accustomed to hand sanitizer.  The stormy texture of the eyeglass lenses was achieved by smearing aloe gel on the lenses.

Tyson has worked as a commercial photographer in the Boston area
for over two decades. Since 2015 he has been working out of his studio at
Western Avenue Studios in Lowell MA to focus on new work showcasing his classic objective style and fascination with the conceptual twist.

Dave Ruckle, Artist

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